The mission of Ancient Discoveries is to go forward by taking a step back to look at the ways of the ancients and apply that to our lives current day.
Nature, in which we all come from is calling and will continue to call for humanity to evolve and return or go forward into nature.
One way of understanding nature’s call is to go out into it. In these modern times there are still many indigenous peoples that live in a way that is closer to our origins. These ancient cultures have used many  practices to remember who and what and also why we are by using meditation, plants, music, & dance just to name a few.
Ancient Discoveries connects us from  modern day society to us that are in these visible yet hidden ancient societies. While with that ancient society those of us from the modern day will take part in the ritual of everyday living of the Indigenous peoples. This means jungle walks, boat rides, meditational practices, medicinal ceremonies, and many other hands on activities that will connect us to this moment in time and hopefully to a remember of our purposes as pieces of the whole. 

what i do: