Travel is something that brings stability into my life and it has been a part of my existence since I was in my mother's womb. My father was a truck driver and my mom was his road assistant. We traveled all over Texas which is my home state, but the travels didn't end there. We also traveled across state lines and visited family that resided in states across the US. Therefore some of the most memorable people, places, events, and experiences that have taken place in my life have happened while traveling. 
I have now traveled to more than 15 countries on 4 continents. As I immerse myself into these different places, communities, and cultures many of them have touched my soul in such deep way that I have welcomed them into my heart and they have become a major keys to my life. Through my travels a wonderful network of people from different background and countries has formed around me and the lasting connections that have been established are now unbreakable. I have formed these connections with those peoples and communities whom not only want to live consciously but those who are seeking a lasting connection with The Creator (Universe, God, etc.) These great peoples and communities are ready and willing to share their ancestorial knowledge and life experiences with those of us whom are ready to receive the teaching. These amazing peoples/communities have become my family and every year I go spend time and learn with them, and put together projects with and for them.
The doors have been opened for all those who are seeking to walk on the ancient paths.  
Welcome to Ancient Discoveries, I hope to journey with you soon. 


Oct 10th - Oct 17th
Zambia is the country that the peace seeking tribes fled to in the time of slave hunting. Now Zambia is noted as one of the safest countries in the world. Zambia boast many Natural Marvels: Mosi-oa-Tunya or Victoria Falls, is the 7th wonder of the world, and this is only the beginning of the magical places that are located in Zambia. Visitors will have a very special opportunity to see the True face of Africa. Zambia is very green and lush with beautiful jungles and forest throughout the country. Zambia is home to The Big 4 Animals. Lions, Leopards, African Elephants & Rhinos.

BRAZIL - AMAZONIA - Varinawa People (2022) 

Aug 14th - Aug 19th
The Varinawa people invites everyone who is on spiritual path to come to the Amazon forest to experience a 5-day immersion with the community as well as many sacred medicines and ancestral energies. There will be much healing and joy shared in this special closed festival; The community will put all of their focus on our group. Be prepared to become a part of the jungle.

BRAZIL - SOUTH BAHIA (2022)       

 Orixas Retreat ~  Jul 31st - Aug 7th
An invitation to depeen life wisdom through the eyes of divinity; it is an invitation for those who want to learn how to experience the forces of the Orixas on a daily basis. The retreat is a seven-day dive into a place of deep connection with the elements, with nature, with the divine forces of creation, in enchanting Bahia, Brazil. See more:

BRAZIL - AMAZONIA - Huni Kuin People (2021)

Sep 1st- Sep 5th
Huni Kuin's Village Festival with the sacred medicines from the jungle: Nixi  pae (Ayahuasca), Rape, Kamboo, & Sananga. A 5-day retreat living with indigenous people, healing ceremonies will be given, we will be eating traditional food of the people, learning songs, and sharing knowledge of the natives stories that date back thousands of years.


Come and enjoy this amazing opportunity to meet nature!